GitHub Stacks and Stuff


You can also find this information on the site.

You can get started by heading over to our GitHub page, where you’ll find all three stacks.

Each stack has a .readme file that will help you get up and running with Cloud9. Tech Pros, first make sure to link your Cloud9 profile to GitHub so you can clone the project. (If you get an error on the workspace creation page you’ll need to link an SSH key. You do this in settings underneath “shared services”.)

Once you do:

  1. Create a new repo in your GitHub school team space.
  2. Clone the repo from CodeTN's GitHub to your Cloud9 team workspace.
  3. git remote rename origin upstream.
  4. git remote add origin URL_TO_GITHUB_REPO
  5. git push origin master
Now you can work with it just like any other GitHub repo. To pull in patches from upstream, simply run git pull upstream master && git push origin master.