Cloud 9 free sign up


Do you know how the students can join the cloud 9 without credit card info?



I purchased the educational account for $1 per month.

__ Vivian West


I have created Cloud9 Teams for you when you completed the application. I have made you an admin so you should be able to log into Cloud9 and see your teams on the left. Under the settings you can invite your students by email and they will not have to have a credit card.


I try to invite them to the workspace for their team and it says they are not found. It appears they have to set up an account before I can invite them. So back to the credit card issue.


If the student already has an account, you can invite them by username. If they do not have an account yet, you will need to provide an email address and C9 will send them an email to join the team and from here they will be able to create their account without a credit card.